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Coaches Wives

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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As a coach’s wife, life is filled with so many wins and losses in and outside the home. And because this professional world of coaching can lead to a personal world of loneliness, there are times we want to Just Ask someone how they handled it. As the second book in the Just Ask devotion series, you will be encouraged by Biblical stories paired with personal testimonies of high school, college, and professional coaches' wives. These stories will inspire and comfort readers with the truth of God. and the testimonies of His people. Join us as we Just Ask some hard questions we face as coaches' wives, moms, and women of God. As a wife of a football coach, the mom of five children, and coaches daughter; God has blessed Sarah with the burden, passion, and love for connecting women in sports to Jesus. She began working for the Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athletes In 2003 as the Director of the Women's ministry serving female coaches, female athletes, and coaches wives through speaking, bible studies, chapels, and building relationships. Her family recently won the favorite story in the NFL Together We Make Football contest. Her heart is Team Jesus, Team Roberts, and Team FCA!

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Coaching families face pressure and experience certain joys that most people never even consider. Whistles and Wedding Rings approaches the unique situations that coaching families encounter with an ear turned toward the wisdom of the Bible. This book of fifty devotional thoughts is for both the coach and the coach’s spouse. Roger Lipe has served with FCA since 1994. He has served coaches and huddles as a chaplain and staff member in the FCA Midwest Region and International Coordinator. 


Meet Candace Lane

Candace has been serving coaches’ wives with FCA since 2013. She and her husband Brian were missionaries in Brazil for the first 10 years of their marriage, then they moved back to Georgia where Brian started his coaching career as a high school football coach and Candace went on staff with FCA to start a Coaches’ Wives Ministry for Gwinnett. She desires to incorporate lessons learned on the mission field in Brazil to the mission field of sports, and she still sees herself as a missionary’s wife, because coaches are missionaries with incredible potential to impact the world for Christ when the whole family is in it together. Candace’s experience as a coach’s wife, missionary, mother of 3 (young athletes), writer and ministry leader inspires her to provide resources, fellowship opportunities, and discipleship groups that will encourage coaches’ wives to grow in Christ and enjoy the adventure of the coaching life!

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